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With a track record in innovation which exceeds 130 years and a long-standing commitment to developing market-leading solutions and excellent customer service, R&D is an essential part of our business.  Below we highlight five key facts which you (probably) didn’t know about our R&D activities and in-house technical team.

21 Active Product Design Projects

As we ‘go to press’, Naylor Industries is currently implementing no less than 21 product design projects.  With a focus on improving our product offering for customers and optimising manufacturing efficiencies, current projects range from simple tool redesigns through to the development of completely new product ranges to meet changing and future customer demands.

£3/4 Million

Naylor Industries’ commitment to finding new and innovative ways of manufacturing and working, is reflected in its continued investment in R&D.  In the last five years alone, Naylor Industries has invested an average of £750k per annum in R&D activities.

Net Zero

As a ‘CO2nstruct Zero’ Business Champion and a socially responsible business, we’re focussed on the reduction of carbon emissions and the delivery of net zero in our business by 2050.  Our technical team has a key role to play and is continually looking for ways to improve our environmental performance by reducing carbon emissions, minimising waste, increasing energy efficiency and switching to sustainable sources of energy.

Twice the size

In the last two years, our technical team has more than doubled in size.  The team’s expansion has been driven by a need for increased capacity to keep pace with the growth of our business and the need to recruit specific and specialist expertise.

Technical experts

Every one of our 18-strong technical team is qualified to at least degree standard. In addition Masimba Chitakunye, our Senior Structural Engineer is well on the way to Chartership.  This ensures they’re suitably qualified to develop the products and systems which our customers need in the short and long term as well as being able to provide market leading technical support and advice.