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Railtrack Fencing Products from Stock

In light of the public meeting hosted by the Health and Safety Commission (HSC) on 2 November 2005 to debate crowding, trespass and vandalism on the mainline and underground railways, Procter Fencing Materials of Leeds is reminding fencing contractors that it is the principal supplier of concrete railway fence posts and has a proven record of service to the rail industry for more than 20 years.

For trackside fencing in populated areas, concrete posts are available to support 1.5m and 1.8m high welded mesh panels, which provides good climb resistance and cut resistance to deter casual and determined trespassers and vandals. In addition to concrete posts, Procter also supplies welded mesh up to 3.0m high Pro-sure, Palisade Fencing & Gates, high-tensile wire, droppers and fittings to complete the fencing package. 

Procter is a approved supplier for national railway fencing

Approved by National Railway Supplies Limited under Link-up Certificate number 2726 for the supply of fencing materials, Procter Fencing Materials maintains substantial stocks ready for rapid delivery to contractors' distribution yards or suitable trackside locations. Crane off-load facilities are available if required.

Highly durable concrete posts to railway specification 

All concrete fence posts are produced using the semi-dry machine casting process that results in highly durable posts that need virtually no maintenance.

The company manufactures concrete posts for 7, 8 or 9 lines of high tensile wire to BS 1772-2 for trackside use in open countryside where the incidence of trespass and vandalism does not warrant any greater security.

Fencing solutions for vandalism

​Vandalism is a significant problem for the rail industry, with direct costs resulting from the need to repair and replace, plus there is always the potential to cause train delays, cancellations, injuries, derailments and, ultimately fatal accidents. Incidents of vandalism range from graffiti to physical damage to railway equipment, throwing missiles at trains, and placing objects on the line. According to HSE statistics, vandalism is the main cause of train delays and cancellations and accounts for around half of all reportable incidents (497 out of 1000 in the 2004 reporting year, which, due to a change in reporting periods, only covered nine months from April to December 2004).

The Railway Safety Annual Report 2004 also showed that two 12-year-old children and 54 adults died on the railways while trespassing (cases of suicide were in addition to this figure).

Clearly fencing has a vital role to play in preventing both trespass and vandalism, and Procter Concrete and Fencing products supplies the full range of appropriate products, backed up 20 years of experience in the industry.

Concrete Posts

Standard sizes are held in stock; special posts can be made to order. Available (above 2.0m high) with straight or cranked extensions to carry barbed wire or razor wire where this is required for higher security applications.​​

Fence Toppings

Line wire, tying wire is available from stock in a galvanised finish or green or black PVC coated in 1kg coils.

Fence Fittings

Fence fittings held in stock are wide and varied and include stretcher bars, barbed wire spacers, angle cleats, eyebolts, gate hooks, dropper bars and ratchet tubes.

Pro-sure 358

Pro-sure358 mesh prison fencing systems are supplied with full height clamp bars and tamper-proof fixings as standard.