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Concrete Posts and Gravel Boards

All concrete fence posts contain steel reinforcing to the required specification. We carry large stocks of our complete range of concrete posts, concrete gravel boards and other products. These can either be collected from our depots in Garforth West Yorkshire, Bedwas South Wales and Brentwood in Essex, or delivered directly to you anywhere in the UK. We supply them direct to the fencing trade and stockists. By buying direct from the manufacturer you can be sure of high-quality consistent products at highly competitive prices.

For Chain Link and Welded Mesh Fence

Straight and cranked concrete posts for chain link and weldmesh fence.  Supply concrete posts and rails for sports fields and repair spurs. 

Concrete posts for chain link and Weldmesh fencing are made in our automated plant from a semi-dry mix for high strength. Concrete Fenceposts are available to suit a range of fence heights including 0.9m, 1.2m, 1.5m, 1.8m, 2.1m, 2.4m to BS1772 Part 1 and 2.4m to BS 1772 Part 10

Slotted Posts for Timber Fence Panels

100mm x 100mm universal concrete posts (or multi-holed posts), recessed PCR concrete posts and 100mm x 125mm heavy duty concrete fence posts for the most common type of concrete posts use with timber paled fencing.

Slotted concrete fence posts and gravel boards for timber fencing are manufactured from wet cast concrete to provide a high-quality finish. slotted posts (sometimes called H posts) for timber panel fencing are available in a range of heights. We supply intermediate posts, ends, corners and three-way posts. Gravel Boards can be supplied in two depths 150mm or 300mm plain or 300mm rockface finish.

Universal, recessed and heavy duty concrete fence posts are available for the most type of timber fencing together with plain gravel boards. Universal concrete fenceposts are made in a range of heights including from 1.22m up to 2.7m.

Recessed concrete posts (often known as PCRs) are made in different height from 1.52m to 2.5m.

Concrete gravel boards for recessed 1.8m to 3.0m concrete fence posts.

Heavy duty concrete posts for timber fences are available in different heights from 1.52m to 2.73m.

For Strained Wire

Concrete fence posts for 3/6/7/8/9 line-wire fencing available from stock together with high tensile wire and all fittings.  

Concrete posts for strained wire fences as frequently used for railway trackside fencing or highway fences are available to suit 0.9m high fences to take 3 line wires, 1.2m high to take 6 line wires, 1.4m high with either 7,8 or 9 line wire. For each fence height, intermediate, end, two-way and corner concrete posts and struts are available. Procter concrete fence posts are linked up accredited for use on rail track sites.


  • Including intermediate posts, end posts, two-way posts, corner posts and struts
  • For 1.8m high fencing vertically extended posts are available to take 3 rows of barbed wire
  • For fencing of these heights 1.8m, 2.1m, 2.4m to BS 1722 Part 10 concrete fenceposts are made with cranked extensions to take 3 rows of barbed wire


  • Perimeter - medium/low security
  • Boundary demarcation
  • Industrial units
  • Warehousing
  • Schools
  • Retail


Postmix is our term for rapid setting pre-mixed concrete supplied on 20kg showerproof sacks for fixing concrete, metal or wooden fence posts, gate posts and railings.

Chain Link

Chain link Fencing is available from stock in a wide range of heights from 900mm to 3000mm.